Why I need the services of a Database Administrator


I do daily backups! – so my data is safe. Right!?


Wrong! It's no more right than thinking "since I brush my teeth daily – I'll never need a dentist"!


We Often hear IT managers say: "My data is completely safe since I have a full system backup and my environment is totally virtual. So, what do I need a DBA for?


Thought System Backups are a critical part of your protection plan, they are just that! A part of the whole, and by themselves will not protect your data! Likewise, A virtual environment can make it easier to restore a server if properly backed up, but It still does not protect your data.



DATA is the most important property of every organization!

As the IT Manager, responsible for all the organizations data, you should be able to:


1.    Recover Physical machines and servers.

2.    Recover data to any point in time.

3.    Recover specific databases or objects of your choice.

4.    And do all of this with minimal downtime, data loss, and effort!


Most of this, unfortunately can't be achieved by standard backup procedures or virtual environment.

The only way to make sure your data is secured, redundant, robust, and available to the users with optimum performance, is to have a Professional DBA design and implement A regular database maintenance plan.

This should be carried out by an experienced DBA that can fit the best maintenance plan to the organization's needs.


You want "peace of mind" and confidence that you’ve done all you can to ensure your organizations data, no matter what disaster comes your way?  You need A DBA!


Want to know more about securing you data? Contact us at eDBA

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